• 67 - 68 Camaro Coupe Vinyl Front Bucket Seat

    67 - 68 Camaro Coupe Vinyl Front Bucket Seat

    Retail Price: $255.00

    Black Camaro Std, Cpe, Vinyl Frt Bucket 1967-1968 Seat
    Black Camaro, Standard, Coupe, Vinyl Front Bucket.
    Beautiful reproduction of the 1967-1968 Black Camaro Standard Coupe Vinyl Front Bucket Seats (pair). Original GM dielectric tooling is used to form and seal the seat, along with the best vinyl available, to produce that original from the factory look. High quality latex foam is used to internally fill and maintain the form of the pleats, not the cheap polyfoam used by some competitors (which flattens and loses form quickly). Vinyl colors are matched to the cleanest portion of OEM seats and custom produced for Al Knoch to assure an original equipment color. Swatches are available on request for customers who want to check the match with their existing interior, particularly if they include components from other interior manufacturers.
    • $255.00
    • Product Code: CAM-SVCF676801
    • P65 Warning WARNING:
      Cancer and Reproductive Harm


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